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How to add conversion rate to your GA4 report

Be default when you open your GA4 standard report you won’t find the conversion rate metric… even in the conversion report !!?!

You can see the number of conversions but the conversion rate is not there. Let’s fix that.

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How to customize your GA4 report

You can customize your standard GA4 report by clicking on the the edit pencil on the top right of the report.

You can modify the dimensions or the metrics displayed on the report. Since conversion rate is a metric, select metrics.

Click on Add a metric

Search for conversion rate

Select user conversion or session conversion depending on what you want to track

click save and voilà! You can save to the current report or you can create a new one.

User conversion rate vs session conversion rate, which one you should choose?

In metrics search for conversion rate. You will have 2 choices, session conversion rate or user conversion rate.

Session conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the number of sessions, that is the traditional way to calculate the conversion rate in Universal Analytics however there is an important twist in GA4.

In UA a given conversion was counted only once per session, regardless of how many times the user had viewed the page or clicked on the button.

In GA4, every conversion event is counted. “So, if a user submits the form twice during the same session, two conversions will be counted” (Source GA4 official documentation)

User conversion rate is the proportion of users who converted.

The formula is the following

user conversion rate = The number of users that converted / total users for that dimension. (source: GA4 documentation)

That dimension can be traffic source, landing page, etc. So if you want to know what is the % of people who signed up after seeing the you landing page, the user conversion rate will tell you.

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