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Does your Mobile Traffic Convert? How to see it in GA4

One of the most important dimensions in your analytics is the device category (mobile, desktop, tablets).

We spend a lot of time designing pages that look good and convert well on desktop but are we making the same effort for the mobile version of those pages?

Even if your site is mobile-friendly, you might still lose a lot of opportunities if your calls to action are not located in a strategic place and are pushed down to the bottom of the page.

The difference between your desktop and mobile users is significant so it’s important to analyze and view them separately.

I know… comparing mobile conversion against desktop is unfair. We don’t have the same attention level when we are on our phones versus sitting quietly in front of our computers.

Still, as business owners, we need to be aware of those differences and make sure we attract, engage, and convert as many visitors as possible regardless of their device.

In the video version of this tutorial, the conversion rate was higher than desktop!

The quickest method to compare mobile users vs desktop users in GA4 is by doing the following:

  • Access Google Analytics and click on the “Add comparison” option located at the top left of the report
  • Add a comparison between mobile and desktop.
  • click save

In this case, 63% of the new users are mobile!

However, when we look at conversion, almost nobody converts on mobile. Ouch!

What to do to improve mobile conversion depends on the page layout and the calls to action, to name a few. Visit your page with your mobile phone to see if converting is as easy and simple. If not make some adjustments.

Good luck!

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